Thank you to Karen and Geoff who did the deed 21 years and 9 months ago and gave us this ball of sunshine

-harry being a fucking MENACE FOR LIAM’S BIRTHDAY (via kittenstyles)

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The way you flip your hair gets me overwhelmed


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Harry Styles: A Summary

  • Everyone: HARRY NO
  • Harry: HARRY YES

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harry wearing the jersey of the first openly gay nfl player ever, who hasn’t even played an official nfl season game yet, on stage in front of tens of thousands of fans is such a huge and incredible sign of support and i hope that for once people realize that and respect it as the amazing sign of queer support that it is, without trying to belittle his actions and twist them into anything less than what they are

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a psychologist explains why harry is so fit

his reaction is priceless

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Jimmy is me.

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tell me this is not what i think it is and i will love you forever

08.01.14 - Toronto, Canada

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